Friday, August 3, 2012

Talking Sirloins and Scatological Fantasy

I have far too much faith in my memory. A few weeks ago, the Massachusetts Audubon Visual Arts Center invited me in for a guest talk at their summer creative writing camp, and one of the kids was telling me about a book he loves. I asked him what he liked about it and he said, “Because it’s sad and sometimes intense.” I scribbled down this wonderful quote, assuming I’d never forget the book. Naturally I have. Forgotten, that is. And it’s frustrating to know that the title is lingering somewhere in my skull. 

The kids also had a few great comments about books-turned-movies. Each preferred the written word. Hannah, a very talented young writer, summed it up perfectly: “The movies don’t let you use your imagination.” She was particularly bothered by the movie version of Greg Heffley

The students’ work was inspiring. A budding poet named Marley read a few nice lines, along with a funny piece about an intelligent steak. (I’m partial to talking food stories.) A young humorist named Henry wrote a surprisingly touching little story about a dragon with bowel control difficulties. I haven't read the Inheritance Cycle, but I wonder if gastrointestinal issues ever pop up in those novels. One would think that fire-breathing might lead to some internal difficulties now and then. 

Thank you so, so much to the Visual Arts Center. I encourage anyone in the Boston area to head down there some weekend and enjoy the trees and birdsong. The dragons and talking sirloins are purely imaginary. I think.

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