Monday, September 12, 2011


Here's the cover for my next novel, DANGEROUS WATERS. The story follows two kids - seen through the porthole - as they try to protect a rare and important book belonging to Titanic passenger Harry Elkins Widener. You can sort of see the book, a second edition of Sir Francis Bacon's Essaies, beneath the type.

DANGEROUS WATERS is due out in March. More details to come....


Tim Loge said...

Hi Gregory,

I'm nearly finished with FISH and I'm loving it! I'll send my complete thoughts soon, but I'm writing now because I'm thrilled to have learned about Dangerous Waters. Is there any chance I could have an ARC? I'm the Teen Librarian at the largest high school in Arizona. My library is also a public library.

Thanks, Tim

Gregory Mone said...


My apologies for missing this. I'd be delighted to send you a copy if you're still interested. My email is in the profile section if you'd prefer.