Thursday, June 16, 2011

The DIY Treehouse

A massive branch broke off a tree in our backyard recently, completely crushing the kids' playhouse. Thankfully, they were not inside at the time.

We made the best of the situation. We borrowed a neighbor's electric chainsaw, sliced up the branch, and salvaged the one section of the playhouse that survived. Mostly, anyway - the front door doesn't quite close. Then we took all the twigs and branches, creating a new structure around the front panel from the plastic house.

To make the roof sun-proof, we cut up the Christmas tree that I'd been promising to dispose of for months, and laid the dried branches on top.

I wish I could say I worked an Arduino board in there somehow, or put the whole thing on wheels and turned it into a robot, but unfortunately I'm only capable of writing about people who do that kind of miracle work; I don't go much beyond sticks. Still, it's pretty sweet inside:

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