Monday, July 19, 2010

Queen Anne Books Backs the Scurvy Mistress

An excerpt from a new review by Queen Anne Books in Seattle:

Clever treasure clues, exotic locales, fight scenes, and underwater explorations provide swashbuckling flair. I also loved how Fish's crew mates are quite aware of their pirate image, studying books about pirate history, cultivating beards, and picking pirate names to be most impressive. This novel is funny and exciting-- a great summer read or read-aloud, by Jove!

Read the rest here. The same reviewer also has a nice piece on David Mitchell's new novel, which sounds amazing and kind of surprising, or at least very different from Cloud Atlas.


TSquared said...

Thank you for quoting my recommendation for "Fish!" It's a delightful book. Did you read "The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet" yet?

Gregory Mone said...

I missed this...but yes. Very interesting book. It's sort of amazing that he can write so well in so many different ways. At some points I felt like I was reading deep, serious literature, and in other chapters I could have sworn I was in the middle of a ninja movie.